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Barlow Shoes

Platinum Eden Mushroom Emu Australia Ugg Boot - Made in Australia

$72.00 $90.00

The Platinum Range of EMU Australia Ugg boots are Made in Australia with Australian sheepskin and wool. They keep your feet warm in Winter and cool in Summer with easy breathability. The Platinum Australian Made Slippers have a soft EVA midsole for comfort and support. They also have a durable, hardwearing and flexible rubber outsole.

The Platinum Eden Slipper comes in two colours at Barlows, Chestnut and Mushroom. They wrap your foot snug in merino sheepskin and wool within the slipper. They are perfect for a day inside on the couch.

Image hand crafted comfort key no's.

  1. New and improved outsole for added traction and stability
  2. Soft EVA midsole for comfort and support
  3. Anatomically moulded EVA insole for comfort
  4. Australia sheepskin insole for warmth and comfort

Care Instructions

The less fuss the better, when it comes to sheepskin. If they get dirty, let the dirt dry and then brush it off. It's best not to wash your slippers or put them in the washing machine. If you wish to waterproof your slippers, use the Water & Stain protector product in our accessories collection. This may however darker the shoes to begin with.

Platinum Eden Mushroom Emu Australia Ugg Boot - Made in Australia

$72.00 $90.00