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Barlow Shoes

Mayari Birkenstock BF Mocca - Regular Fit


Mayari Mocca Birko-Flor in Regular Fit has a smooth synthetic leather upper, suede lining and a also contoured suede leather foot-bed. The Mayari sandal has 3 straps, two adjustable ones, and one to loop over the toe to help when walking.

These shoes will mould to the shape of your foot. It has a classic suede lined foot-bed, and it is inspired by the natural imprint of a foot in the sand. They are made to feel just like you are walking barefoot. It also has an EVA flexible outsole which is lightweight and has lasting durability. You can clean the upper with a damp cloth.

Every pair of Birkenstock is made from the highest quality materials and are Made in Germany.

PLEASE NOTE:  They may take a little it to wear in first, and the cork sole will also darken in colour over time. This is normal. However, if you wish to keep the sole lighter in colour, you can clean with Collonil shampoo. This is in our Shoe Care section. However, it won't take it back to its original form.

The cork foot-bed can be damaged from long exposure in the sun or other heat. Please do not leave your Birkenstocks in direct sunlight or in small enclosed spaces on hot days. Also, getting your foot-bed wet may also damage the product. If it does become wet or damp, allow it to air dry away from direct sunlight, as leaving them in the sun could shrink and crack the cork foot-bed.

These shoes are in European sizes.

Mayari Birkenstock BF Mocca - Regular Fit