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Barlows, or Barlow Shoes, is known for stocking the iconic street-wear brands. Some people call us the Converse Store, or the Docs store in Adelaide, after-all, we are the largest stockist of both in South Australia. Below is just some more information about the shoes, and the brand itself, so you know all about the brands you are about to purchase, and invest in.



Barlows stock Converse year round.

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers have been around since 1908, and is owned by an American Company. The Converse Brand is well known for its logo, the star insignia, and it’s white rubber toe and sole, with the stripe around the base of the shoe. Converse manages a large range of different styles including the Chuck Taylor All Stars, Dainty and Chuck 70s.

They sell their Classic All Stars with the classic white sole, as well as their Dainty Female Thinner soled shoes, Male Leans with the thinner sole again and then more recently their 70’s style with the more oval rubber toe cap, classic sole height with a more beige colour and thicker insole.

Converse have not only different main styles, but within a style there are different types again. You can get the classic Hi top boots or Ox cut low shoes. They make mid length boots as well as light dainty footwear.

Nike is now a sister company, since 2003.

Converse is a very versatile shoe, and can be worn as a great street wear shoe. They can be worn for work with the classic Black Mono or out at a festival with a bright seasonal trend. On our Menu Tab you will notice the ‘Seasonal’ tab. This means stock is only available once, once we have sold out of it, it cannot be ordered in again.



Barlows stock Dr. Martens year round.

Dr. Martens originated in England and started with the Griggs family. By the third generation, they changed their branding and style of shoe to an air-cushioned sole, an altered heel, a unique sole pattern and distinctive yellow welt stitching. April 1st, 1960, the Classic 1460 Black 8-eyelet boot was born.

Originally used and made as a functional work boot, the Dr. Marten was then picked up suddenly by skinheads and then band member Pete Townsend from ‘THE WHO’. Docs were then no longer just a work boot, but something of a subcultural essential. By the end of the 70’s the boot was a symbol of self expression, and during the 80’s other colours were produced for women to wear. In the 90’s the brand was known to be worn at festivals and became even more fashionable, and all the way until the end of the 90’s they continued to be as strong as ever.

However in early 2000’s the brand dropped dramatically in sales. Sales started to pick up again in 2003, and once again in 2007. Even more styles and colours were brought out, and by their 50’s birthday, 2010, they were booming again.

Thanks to Music, Dr. Martens have made a big statement and impact on the fashion industry. Anyone can wear the classic Dr. Martens boot, for anything, whether it be for business wear, festivals, music, street wear or regular day casual wear.

On our Menu Tab you will notice the ‘Seasonal’ tab. This means stock is only available once, once we have sold out of it, it cannot be ordered in again.



Barlows stock Birkenstock year round.

Birkenstock is an iconic brand and is well known for their sandals and Summer range. Their most common styles are called Arizona, Gizeh and Mayari. They come in a variety of colours, some core and some seasonal. Their seasonal range of colours are Black, White and Habana Brown.

In 2013 Birkenstocks went from being the ‘comfort but ugly’ brand to the ‘fashion, comfort and must-have’ brand.

Birkenstock make their uppers with many different materials, and we stock the Leather and Birko-flor materials. We stock three types of leather ones finishes, Smooth, Embossed and Natural/Oiled Leather. Birko-flor is Birkenstocks trademark synthetic leather. It is a skin-friendly and easy care fabric. You can clean birko-flor with a damp cloth.

Birkenstocks have a classic suede lined foot-bed, and it is inspired by the natural imprint of a foot in the sand and feels just like you are walking barefoot. It also has an EVA flexible outsole which is lightweight and has lasting durability.

Every pair of Birkenstock is made from the highest quality materials and are Made in Germany.

PLEASE NOTE:  They may take a little it to wear in first, and the cork sole will darken in colour over time. This is normal. The cork foot-bed can be damaged from long exposure in the sun or other heat. Please do not leave your Birkenstocks in direct sunlight or in small enclosed spaces on hot days. Also, getting your foot-bed wet may also damage the product, but if it does become wet or damp, allow it to air dry away from direct sunlight, as leaving them in the sun could shrink and crack the cork foot-bed.



Barlows stock Stance Socks year round.

Stance Socks is an American sock and underwear brand that was founded in 2009. It is only new to market, especially in Australia. They are the official sock for NBA. They embrace “the uncommon thread” as a mantra, and “exist to celebrate human originality”.


Stance socks can now be found in over 40 countries, on anyone who dares to be different. They make socks that perform at the highest level, which also have a creative design involved. From plain colours, rainbow stripes and black and white spots to Star Wars and NBA players, Stance has something for everyone.

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